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November 23, 2018

Kiwicon 2038AD Conference Wrap-Up

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Kiwicon 2038AD was a very big conference which most of you probably went to. There were all different types of activities like talks, a lock picking competition and the first year of Kurcon, a kids section of Kiwicon.

The first day of Kiwicon was awesome. I learned how to pick thumb cuffs and hand cuffs. I also met Andrew who runs Kurcon and who had invited us to run a tamper evident bypass workshop. He was a really nice man. I also saw some friends I hadn’t seen in ages like… Liam, Alex, Attacus, Wayne, Topaz, Mel, Jo, Chris, Josh, Mark, Bec, Aaron, Skooch and James. It was the first time meeting Jo and Skooch who now work with dad. Sorry if I forgot you, so many people!!! ????

The first day I saw a very interesting talk about how to hack an e-scooter by Matthew. We also saw Attacus’ talk about the poison in the wallpaper and how she compared it to modern day privacy issues, which was very interesting. At the end of the day we went to a pizzeria called Heaven with my hacking friends ???? I’m also very sad I missed purple con this year ????but Alex gave me some stickers and lanyard ????

The next day it was our tamper evident bypass workshop at Kuracon to teach other kids how to remove tamper evident labels and zip tie handcuffs. But that was in the afternoon. Before our workshop we saw Wayne’s talk about red teaming and he said before the talk that if he swore more than once he will buy me an ice cream, and he swore about 5 times!!! ????for me!!!

After Wayne’s talk we did our workshop about tamper evident bypasses. We taught a lot of kids how to remove tamper evident labels, tamper evident security tape and zip tie hand cuffs. It went really well!

After our workshop I went back up to Kurcon and took apart a laptop for the first time ???? I unscrewed the bottom screws first and than found some strange wires. Lots to learn about computers still. I also started to take off the keys from the keyboard and after that I used a screw driver to get rid of the mesh layer underneath. In that laptop I did find a wireless and bluetooth chip!

After that I met a couple of new friends and they pulled apart some computers with me. Than we had to go find Booey at the lock picking table and she was in the middle of the lock picking comp. Once she finished the fifth door lock and her time was recorded we realised she had beaten everyone, even Topaz and klepas.

An hour later it was time for the rewards. Booey and Topaz were the top two winners of the lock picking comp so they had a pick off on stage. Topaz and Booey tied and since Booey won the actual competition she won a camera and a tiara ???? ???? Topaz got light up glasses, which he then gave to me because Topaz is awesome ????!

Rewards were given out to lots of people and Attacus got the prize for best speaker. The prize was skin diseases in a frame and LEGO. All the rewards were handed out and Kiwicon was officially over. There was an after party but we didn’t go.

Kiwicon was awesome ????????????????????

– Mos

It was Mos and my first time at Kiwicon this year. At the opening ceremony Metlstorm turned on flames and sparkles and it was amazing!!!        

At Kiwicon we saw some of our friends like Topaz, Mel, Mark, Bec, James, Chris, Attacus, Wayne and Alex. We also met new friends like skooch, Jo, Aaron, Andrew and sput. Sorry if I missed anyone else. We met a few amazing people and forgot their names ☹️

We also saw some cool talks like the first talk about scooter hacking and Attacus’ talk about arsenic and privacy, and Waynes about red teaming, and also the one about motor bike hacking. They were all really cool ????Attacus got an award for best speaker ????????????

Then on the first night we had pizza for dinner with some of our friends but our pizzas took forever (never going there again) I got Hawaiian and mos got plain cheese ????????????

Grace also did Mel, Jo and my nails in Purplecon colour! Here’s Jo, Mel and me, and thats Topaz’s thumb ????


The next day I practised at the lock picking table. I knew how to pick normal handcuffs but I learnt double locked hand cuffs behind my back and practiced until my hands were nearly bleeding. On the second day I went in the lock picking competition. Each person was handcuffed using double locked handcuffs behind their backs. Once they got out of the handcuffs they had to pick five door locks. I got the best score being 3 minutes and 44 seconds and coming second was one of my friends Topaz with 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

At lunch time me and Mos did a work shop on tamper evident bypasses showing heat methods to open envelopes and using a needle with shellite to remove a tamper evident label. We also showed how to bypass zip tie hand cuffs. The workshop was supposed to be just for kids but grown ups joined in to and it was so cool ????????????

(Photo thanks to Kristina Hoeppner)

Afterwards we went up to Kuracon. At Kuracon you could do all sorts of things, including electronics. You could make tooth brush robots and broaches, and you could also code and pull apart laptops. Here is the start of my tooth brush robot:

At the ending ceremony they gave out all the awards and since I came first and Topaz came second in the lock picking competition we had a pick off on stage with double locked hand cuffs behind our backs in front of 2000 people!!!

At the end I was presented with the prize for winning the lock picking competition and got a really cool camera and a light up tiara!!!! ????

(Photo thanks to Kristina Hoeppner)

Kiwicon was the best!!! I hope they do one next year.

– Boo



Mos aka MrOldSkinny, loves to hack things together whether it be hardware, software or a combination of both! When he isn’t doing crazy hacks you will find him picking locks, tampering with tamper-proof devices, and finding weaknesses in security controls. All the cybers will be his!


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