Tamper evident bag showing tamper evident strip, serial numbers and barcodes

How to Bypass a Tamper Evident Bag Serial Number

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This is the first of our articles looking at how to bypass a tamper evident bag, also called a security satchel. We first came across these in one of the OzSecCon Tamper Evident Challenges. People really struggle with these as most attacks target the tamper evident strip and they are REALLY hard to remove without damaging. Above we have a …

Custom bolt seal bypass tool showing tool with orange bolt seal in it after spinning off

Bypassing a Bolt Seal – Spin Attack

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It’s been a while since we put up some new content but we have been busy working on a whole bunch of new bypasses ready for 2021. In this article, we are talking about bolt seals. We have come up with a few different methods of attacking bolt seals over the last couple of months and will be posting articles …

showing the inside of a wire cable seal, with side of body cut open

How to Bypass a Wire Cable Seal

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Following on from our last post where we bypassed a tamper evident fixed length seal, we thought we would show you an easy bypass for a wire cable seal. You saw this seal briefly in our last video. We first worked out how to bypass this seal back at BSides 2018. We made a few assumptions on how it worked …

Tamper evident seal bypass showing the teeth in the locking mechanism of the seal

Tamper Evident Fixed Length Seal Bypass

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In this post, I’m going to show you how to bypass the B-Sealed EnaTail 2 fixed length seal. This tamper evident seal bypass is one Boo and me came up with as part of the OzSecCon 2018 Tamper Evident Bypass Competition. There are a few ways to bypass this seal but I will show you the quickest and easiest way, …

a pile of different tamper evident seals including pull tight, bolt seals and tamper evident labels

What is Tamper Evident Bypassing?

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I started writing this article two years ago and only finally finished it! The idea to write about tamper evident bypassing and what it is came up because we had an interview to get into a new school one morning and we were asked about tamper evident bypassing. We were asked what it is and we realised its actually hard …

injecting shellite under the sticky part of a wristband using a syringe

How to Bypass Tamper Evident Wristbands

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In 2017, 2018 and 2019 we competed in the Tamper Evident Bypass Challenge at OzSecCon in Melbourne. In 2018, after the conference, we put up a post about the 15 challenges and how to bypass them. In 2018 we also presented on bypassing tamper evident seals, many of which were in the competition. We decided it was time we create …

Kuracon 2018 Tamper Evident Bypass Workshop

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At Kiwicon 2038AD ????a kids track was held called Kuracon and we were asked to hold a tamper evident bypass workshop. In the workshop we went through a few different types of tamper evident devices and explained how to bypass them. This included: Tamper evident security labels Tamper evident security tape Standard paper envelopes Plastic shipping satchels Zip tie handcuffs …

LockCon logo showing a knight in armour jousting on the back of a horse

We’re Presenting at LockCon in the Netherlands!!!

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Our talk has been accepted at LockCon in the Netherlands!!!! If you haven’t heard of it, LockCon is an international conference about all types of locks and bypassing locks. There are¬†presentations and championships in lockpicking, impressioning and lever-lockpicking. Best of all, the conference is being held in a CASTLE!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ^^^^^^ ITS IN A CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!¬†???? We will be presenting on …

black hack bag for tamper evident challenge with numerous tools

Inside the ‘Hack Bag’

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We had a whole bunch of questions at OzSecCon 2018 and after the conference about what we had in our bag which we call The Hack Bag, so here it is, finally. In 2017 when we first tried tamper evident bypasses at BSides Canberra and again at OzLockCon 2017 when we entered our first tamper evident competition, we had some …

photo of mos and boo standing on stage presenting at ozseccon 2018

OzSecCon 2018 Tamper Evident Bypass Talk

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We presented on Tamper Evident bypasses on June 2nd at OzSecCon 2018. It was an amazing experience and were lucky enough to have our talk recorded. If you are interested in our slide deck we have it here: Mos and Boo OzSecCon 2018 Presentation Slides and the transcript from out talk is underneath the YouTube video of our talk below. …