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About Us

Who are Mos & Boo, and how did we end up here?

Mos & Boo

Mos (aka MrOldSkinny aka Connor) and Boo (aka Emily) are a brother and sister duo who love learning new ‘life skills’. Having discovered lock picking and tamper evident bypassing at a very early age, they have made it their mission in life to bypass all the controls.

Mos & Boo have developed a number of novel techniques for bypassing various seals, and have become the go-to for tamper evident bypass techniques. They have presented at adult security conferences around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.



Mos was only a year older than Boo when he was introduced to bypassing physical security controls. He took to lockpicking, safe cracking and key impressioning like a duck(sec) to water. Mos really loves to think outside the box and use all sorts of weird devices and unconventional ways to bypass physical controls.

Mos bounced his first safe back at BSides CBR back in 2019 and has moved on to reach new heights with his digital safe chopstick bypass. During the COVID lockdown, he created a tool to spin open container bolt seals and found a novel way to bypass a steel pull-tight seal using a syringe needle, now one of his most popular YouTube videos passing 12,000 views.

He is currently working on some new SDR projects, a number of bypasses for smart-door locks, and a new bolt seal bypass that should turn a few heads.



After picking her first lock and bypassing her first tamper evident seal a few weeks before her 7th birthday, Boo was hooked! She spent the rest of the weekend at OzSecCon handcuffing random people she had just met only to break them back out using her lock pick, and competing in a tamper evident bypass competition where she came second!

Just over a year later, Boo won the lockpicking contest at Kiwicon in New Zealand, defeating the adults. The competition comprised being handcuffed, behind the back, with double-locking handcuffs. After breaking out of this predicament, she had 5 door locks to pick, each one harder than the last. With a final score of 3 minutes 44 seconds, she beat the nearest competitor by 7 seconds!

While highly skilled at lockpicking, her passion is finding new bypasses for tamper-evident devices, including physical seals and high-security satchels. Some of her techniques have gone on to be used by red teamers when testing corporate controls.

She is currently working on bypassing a new range of digital tamper-evident seals and also biometric controls.