How to Crack a Combination Lock – 5 Letter Wordlock

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A while back I got hold of a 5 letter Wordlock padlock, which is a combination padlock but has letters on the dials instead of numbers. It’s supposed to make it easier to remember your combination. As with all the combination locks I get my hands on, I start to try and work out how to crack the combination. The …

inside a combination padlock showing parts so it can be picked

How to Pick a Combination Lock

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Today I’m going to take you through how to pick a combination lock. A couple of weeks ago we picked up a pair of 4 digit combination padlocks from Bunnings to see if we could easily bypass them. As it came in a pair we thought we could have one for picking and one to cut open so we could …

black and grey electronic safe with door ajar

How to Open a Safe Without the Key or Code

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We have had this safe at home for a while. So the other day we thought we would see if we can work out how to open it without the key or knowing the code. It didn’t take us too long to work out three different bypasses for the safe: Bypassing the lock entirely by using the hammer/bounce method Picking …

ring of old keys with safe and other practice lock in background

Lock Picking is Not a Crime – It’s a Sport

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Lock Picking is a Great Sport for Kids We have had a few negative comments since we first started posting on YouTube and other social media, with people saying that lock picking isn’t a sport, it encourages criminals, and kids like us shouldn’t be doing it, but today I’m going to hopefully change your mind about that nonsense. We learnt …

LockCon 2018 Conference Wrap-Up

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Recently we were invited to go to LockCon in the Netherlands where we presented on tamper evident bypassing. The talk was much the same as what we presented at OzLockCon with a few changes including new techniques we had learnt since then. At the conference we went in a lock picking competition. There were ten people at each table and …