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February 29, 2020

Kids SecuriDay 2019 Conference Wrap-Up

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In August last year we were invited to be the keynote speakers at Kids SecuriDay 2019 in Canberra. It was a conference just for kids so there were no adults there. Well… they were there but it was all about the kids and all the workshops were for kids only. Adults weren’t even allowed in the Capture the Flag (CTF) area. I know cause dad was kicked out 😀

We headed there early on the first day to get all setup. It was sooo cold.

We weren’t sure what to expect at the conference. We have been to quite a few adult security conferences like BSides Canberra, OzSecCon, Kiwicon and LockCon, so we thought there would be lots of talks but we were actually the only ones that did a speech. It was the keynote speech which was the first bit of the conference.

In our Kids SecuriDay keynote we talked to the kids about security and privacy, and then some more exciting stuff like how we hacked Pokémon Go. They thought it was interesting that we hacked it to travel to Japan, Big Ben in London, Las Vegas and a few more locations looking for Pokemon.

We stayed at the conference for the whole day. It was so much fun. We also went to some workshops like CTF. It was the first time we had ever tried a CTF and it was also about Pokémon! It was so awesome and so much fun. We ended up logging back into the servers as soon as we got home and continued doing the CTF for the rest of the weekend.

We went to another workshop called digital footprints ????. It was about finding data on the Internet and tracking down things and people. I did something with Mickey Mouse and I found out where he lived. Someone made Bugs Bunny a Minecraft account. It was so funny.

One of the best parts of conferences is the awesome stickers… and Kids SecuriDay did not disappoint! Here are just a couple from the stash we got.

We didn’t go to lock picking at this conference. It was because we wanted to try new things at the kids conference different to what we do at the adult conferences. We also had delicious food ???? Well done on whoever made the food it was so good. Me and Boo also made some friends and hung out with old ones, like Klepas who was running the lock picking workshop.

Thanks to all the helpers and thanks for keeping me and Boo entertained. I wish it was every day! It was so much fun and thank you for also letting me and my sister do the Keynote. We hope to see you next year.



Mos aka MrOldSkinny, loves to hack things together whether it be hardware, software or a combination of both! When he isn’t doing crazy hacks you will find him picking locks, tampering with tamper-proof devices, and finding weaknesses in security controls. All the cybers will be his!



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