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August 22, 2020
white drone in 2 seprate pictures with yoda torch and battery next to it

Disassembling a Drone

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A few weekends ago I was taking out the trash for my parents and I found this old drone by the front door. I went and asked my dad if he was throwing the drone away and he said yes because we didn’t have the remote for it. The drone crashed into my Nana’s backyard a couple of years ago and no one had claimed it to be theirs. So instead of throwing it out I asked if I could pull it apart to see how it worked and Dad said sure.

And so it began. I got my screwdrivers and my hammer out (yeah not sure what I thought I was going to use the hammer for) and started to unscrew the screws. Some of them were jammed in there hard and I couldn’t get them out so…  I got my hammer and started to bash where they were but it didn’t work. Dad came out and asked what that ruckus was and helped me get them out. He then sat at his computer at the table just in case I needed him again. Once the screws were out it was finally time to pull it apart.

There weren’t as many wires in there as I thought there would be, but it was still awesome inside the drone. It was pretty simple inside. There was a control module and wires ran from the module to the propellers of the drone. The module was powered by a small removable and rechargeable battery. I slowly tried to remove the propellers wires but they were glued down to the drone body so I cut the glue with a knife in order to detach the wires from the drone. I then removed the central control panel and it looked like this:

White drone in two seperate pieces with yoda torch and battery next to it

Then my dad got a small AA battery out and showed me something cool. My dad got the battery and pressed the wires from one of the propellers to the ends and the propeller started to spin. It made me realise you only needed 4 small batteries inside the drone or 1 big battery and you could make it fly, but of course you need the controller module if you want to control it or it would just go straight up and away ????

It was really fun opening the drone and seeing how it worked. I put the parts I got from the drone in my electrical parts box in case I need them for some project. The box is full of old computer chips from Kiwicon when we pulled apart a bunch of old computers.

Once I was done I threw away the outside of the drone because it was broken ???? and packed up my mess. It was a fun day disassembling the drone. If you ever get your hands on a broken drone, I advise you open it!!!!


Drone At the BeginningWhite brand new drone

End Result


Disassembled drone showing propellors, gears for the propellors, and the controller module.



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