Bsides CBR 2021 3D CGI drawing of the badge

BSides CBR 2021 Badge Hacking – Overview

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It’s been a few weeks since BSides CBR 2021 but we are still hacking away at the badge that all attendees received. It’s an amazing badge with so much to learn. Before this, we had played around a bit with electronics but only very basic stuff, like the Arduino Starter Kit, some Raspberry Pis, and this pretty cool Minecraft computer …

Bsides CBR 2021 Badge

BSides CBR 2021 – Re-Flashing the Badge

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Hello fellow Bsides CBR 2021 peeps and other visitors. This is our first-ever badge hacking post!!! The BSides CBR 2021 badge is sooooooo awesome. It has an eInk display which is something we have been wanting to get to play with at home so we are extra excited. Dad helped us a LOT working all the stuff out below cause …

white drone in 2 seprate pictures with yoda torch and battery next to it

Disassembling a Drone

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A few weekends ago I was taking out the trash for my parents and I found this old drone by the front door. I went and asked my dad if he was throwing the drone away and he said yes because we didn’t have the remote for it. The drone crashed into my Nana’s backyard a couple of years ago …