Results from the ozseccon 2018 tamper evident challenge showing how many seals were bypassed and the top 3 winners

OzSecCon 2018 Tamper Evident Challenge

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OzSecCon 2018 held a two day tamper evident challenge. There were 70 people in the competition and 494 tamper evident seals were broken. There were 15 challenges: Tamper evident wristband Paper envelope sealed with wax Plastic chain with Bsealed LightLock Tamper evident holographic label Paper envelope sealed with tamper evident security seal label Non-transfer tamper evident label Plastic mail bag Metal …

Blue ozseccon octopus logo holding keys picks and bypass tools

OzSecCon 2018 Conference Wrap-Up

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OzSecCon 2018 was the second year of OzSecCon, but last year it was called OzLockCon. It is a physical security conference held in Melbourne. Me and Boo did an awesome talk about tamper evident bypasses including a cool video of a tamper evident challenge dad made for us. It’s the first time we have talked at a conference. Everyone seemed to like …

mos and boo about to start bypassing tamper evident seals on a blue lock box

Tamper Evident Lock Box Challenge

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As part of our preparation for our presentation for OzSecCon 2018, we were given a 4 layer tamper evident lock box challenge to try. The goal of the challenge was to get into the box, copy a computer file, and reseal the box with all tamper evident seals back in place. We were given a few rules on what we …

Tamper Evident Label Types

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There are a few different types of tamper evident labels used for different things. We will talk about these uses in another blog post. Today we will look at four different types of labels: Non-transfer labels Total transfer labels Egg shell labels Tamper evident security tape Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Labels Non-transfer labels are self-adhesive labels that void themselves when removed. …

OzSecCon Logo showing skull and crossbones using lock picks

We’re Presenting at OzSecCon 2018!!!

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Our talk has been accepted at OzSecCon 2018!!! Boo and I will be talking about bypassing tamper evident seals and doing some demos on stage. “Be prepared to delve into the realm of tamper resistance by-passes with this interactive presentation. Having discovered tamper-resistance by-passes over a year ago, Connor and Emily wish to share their enthusiasm and experiences in bypassing …