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April 1, 2018
OzSecCon Logo showing skull and crossbones using lock picks

We’re Presenting at OzSecCon 2018!!!

by | Tamper Evident

Our talk has been accepted at OzSecCon 2018!!! Boo and I will be talking about bypassing tamper evident seals and doing some demos on stage.

Be prepared to delve into the realm of tamper resistance by-passes with this interactive presentation. Having discovered tamper-resistance by-passes over a year ago, Connor and Emily wish to share their enthusiasm and experiences in bypassing a variety of tamper resistance devices. In doing so, demonstrating that tamper resistance really is just child’s play.The presentation will demonstrate the use of a number of solvents and their application to tamper resistance by-passes and as well basic hand-cuff and cable tie removal. A must-see presentation for those wanting to get into tamper-proof by-passing.

We can’t wait!!!



Boo has a passion for bypassing tamper evident devices, having first got her tiny 6 year old hands on them at BSides Canberra in 2017. When she isn't bypassing tamper evident devices or lock picking, she can be found writing code, programming her robot, performing gymnastics manoeuvres or taking other children down in the MMA dojo.


  1. Sarah


    • Boo

      It was so awesome!!!


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