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September 10, 2020
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Taking Over The Blog

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If you’ve been following our blog you’d notice this is the third post we have made in 3 weeks. We had the ABUS Combination Padlock Bypass and our Keynote from Kids SecuriDay 2019. We had a really long break from posting but now we are back into it and I thought I would let you know why and what we have planned.

A couple of weeks ago me and booey started working on a couple of posts to post to this website. What we usually do is write some stuff, send it to dad, and he does some magic puts it on the blog. We sent our new posts to our dad to edit and post but he was taking soooooooooo long to post them out, and me and booey got a little tired of waiting. We new it wasn’t his fault, he was just busy doing other things so we asked if we could learn what to do so we could run the blog our selves. Our dad said yeah so we began TAKING.OVER.THE.BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what you now see on the blog is all mine and booey’s work, with maybe a few word changes to fix things up.

Learning to Make and Edit Blog Articles – Part 1

We were so keen to start and learn straight away but had school, so we waited till Saturday to start learning. Dad had set us up accounts and we sat down and he taught us about WordPress and how to create and edit blogs. Formatting was a lot like Word which we use at school so it wasn’t too hard. I did learn some new stuff I didn’t know, like right clicking on a red underlined word and being able to select the right word when it was spelled wrong. That helped a lot!

Dad then taught me and my sister how to upload our own photos to use in blog articles. We got our iPad’s, went into photos and airdropped the ones we wanted to our computers. Another thing we had to learn, that our iPads and iPhones save photos as HEIC files which wont work on the site, so we learnt how to convert the files to JPG file so we could actually post it to the media section in our blog. We also learnt about having to add ALT tags and other information to the images. So far me and booey had learnt a lot, but it was time to actually start writing and adding pictures to our new blog articles.

Screenshot of WordPress editor showing this blog post being written

Learning to Make and Edit Blog Articles – Part 2

Now it was time for the fun to begin and start making a blog article from start to finish. I had a look at my notes and found a blog article that I had never posted. So I create a new post and copied and pasted it into the post page. I had to edit a lot of it! That’s when I then realised I wasn’t very good at grammar. I don’t know if I’m even good at it now!!!

Back onto writing the blog article, where was I? Oh yes, when I finished editing I realised it was really short, so I added a few paragraphs and added a couple of pictures I had taken. It now looked really long and actually looked kind of neat. I guess I was born a professional writer. ???????????? Now all i need to do is work on the neatness of my room!!!

It was done so I pressed on submit for review and waited about half an hour. It then got posted and my first blog post I made all by myself on the blog was created. We have posted a lot on our blog over the years and sent to my dad to edit and post, but it was awesome making my own article that I had edited and posted by myself. I also realised how much work there is and why dad was probably slow at posting. Though look at our Kids Securiday Presentation. That took 13 months to get up on this site. What was going on there dad???????

What’s Next?

So this is just the start. We are currently working on a set of new videos for our YouTube channel and they will be a lot different to our old style of just using music in the background. Learning a lot and having a lot of fun doing it so stay tuned. We are also redoing our whole YouTube channel so we will let you all know about it when its done.

Lastly you’ll probably notice the random picture I used for this post. Why? I just like it and it has nothing to do with the blog. But I’m in control now so I can post it!!! ????

And that’s how we took over the blog!!!!



Mos aka MrOldSkinny, loves to hack things together whether it be hardware, software or a combination of both! When he isn’t doing crazy hacks you will find him picking locks, tampering with tamper-proof devices, and finding weaknesses in security controls. All the cybers will be his!


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