black and grey electronic safe with door ajar

How to Open a Safe Without the Key or Code

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We have had this safe at home for a while. So the other day we thought we would see if we can work out how to open it without the key or knowing the code. It didn’t take us too long to work out three different bypasses for the safe: Bypassing the lock entirely by using the hammer/bounce method Picking …

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Lock Picking is Not a Crime – It’s a Sport

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Lock Picking is a Great Sport for Kids We have had a few negative comments since we first started posting on YouTube and other social media, with people saying that lock picking isn’t a sport, it encourages criminals, and kids like us shouldn’t be doing it, but today I’m going to hopefully change your mind about that nonsense. We learnt …

injecting shellite under the sticky part of a wristband using a syringe

How to Bypass Tamper Evident Wristbands

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In 2017, 2018 and 2019 we competed in the Tamper Evident Bypass Challenge at OzSecCon in Melbourne. In 2018, after the conference, we put up a post about the 15 challenges and how to bypass them. In 2018 we also presented on bypassing tamper evident seals, many of which were in the competition. We decided it was time we create …

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Taking Over The Blog

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If you’ve been following our blog you’d notice this is the third post we have made in 3 weeks. We had the ABUS Combination Padlock Bypass and our Keynote from Kids SecuriDay 2019. We had a really long break from posting but now we are back into it and I thought I would let you know why and what we …

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Kids SecuriDay 2019 Keynote Presentation

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Last year we presented the keynote presentation at Kids SecuriDay 2019 in Canberra on Privacy and Hacking Pokemon Go. Sorry it took us so long to put it up here. Here is the transcript, slides and videos from our keynote speech. Let us know in the comments what you think. Enjoy! Mos: Good morning everyone and welcome to SecuriDay, we …

white drone in 2 seprate pictures with yoda torch and battery next to it

Disassembling a Drone

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A few weekends ago I was taking out the trash for my parents and I found this old drone by the front door. I went and asked my dad if he was throwing the drone away and he said yes because we didn’t have the remote for it. The drone crashed into my Nana’s backyard a couple of years ago …

Kids SecuriDay 2019 Conference Wrap-Up

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In August last year we were invited to be the keynote speakers at Kids SecuriDay 2019 in Canberra. It was a conference just for kids so there were no adults there. Well… they were there but it was all about the kids and all the workshops were for kids only. Adults weren’t even allowed in the Capture the Flag (CTF) …

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OzSecCon 2019 Conference Wrap Up

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Sorry it’s taken so long to get this post about OzSecCon 2019 up but we’ve just been really busy doing random kid stuff. Also when we were at OzSecCon we had an offer to be the keynote speakers at Kids SecuriDay in Canberra which we weren’t expecting so we had to get working on that. It was a lot of …

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We’re Presenting at Kids SecuriDay 2019

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Sorry we’ve been so quiet lately but we have been preparing for a totally new presentation. No tamper-evident bypasses. No lockpicking. Nothing physical at all!!! When we were at OzSecCon 2019 back in June, we were approached and asked to do a Keynote at a kids security conference!!! Kids SecuriDay!!! What an honour!!! So we have been working hard on …

BSides Canberra 2019 Conference Wrap-Up

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BSides Canberra 2019 is over but it was amazing and I did a lot of things this year. In the Locksport Village I did a bit of lock picking to start with. But this year I learned how to crack open a safe! With the small electronic safes, you can bounce them to disengage the pins. It’s all about wiggling …

Kuracon 2018 Tamper Evident Bypass Workshop

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At Kiwicon 2038AD ????a kids track was held called Kuracon and we were asked to hold a tamper evident bypass workshop. In the workshop we went through a few different types of tamper evident devices and explained how to bypass them. This included: Tamper evident security labels Tamper evident security tape Standard paper envelopes Plastic shipping satchels Zip tie handcuffs …